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More than 190 million people in the USA uses smart phones and tablets which translates to more than 77% of total mobile phone penetration in the USA. This is a mere statement how useful the smart phone is for the users and how much you love them. From the figures it may not be wrong to assume that you are no different from other people in the US when smart phone is the topic of discussion. Very few could live at peace with their smart phone and tablet not with them.


This may be the case if you had your smart phone damaged or it is not functioning correctly for some reason beyond your reach. If you happen to be in the Lynchburg area you will immediately start search for lynchburg phone repair to find the best shop near you. There you may find may phone repair shops in nearby areas but how to select the best one is the key;

Location: Pick the repair shop as close to your place as possible. This will save a lot of travel time. If required you can be there physical to make an enquiry.

Reference: If you have little knowledge about the repair shops, then it is better you ask your friend or family for help on the matter. Ask them to give you some good names in phone repair in your locality. This is certainly the best way to find a good repair shop.

Type of business: If it is a family run business then you can expect cordial approach for the customers and relatively cheap service as they want to bond with the customers to build a long lasting relationship. But if it is a national chain of mobile phone repair then you may be asked to spend a little more than the family owned shop but it’s more likely that you will have a better service here.

Expertise: Cell phones are evolving rapidly than anything in the consumer world in terms of technology. Ask the repair technician to all the relevant doubts you have in mind to ensure that the phone is going to the right hands for repair. Ask him has he ever dealt with this particular model and with this OS or not. How long has he been doing this and what are the other varieties of phone he deals in? Is he a specialist for this OS or this particular brand of cell phones?

Also keep the delivery time in mind so that it is not too long or too short for the problem you have. Also make a comparison between the costs of the different repair shop and pick the best one comparing all pros and cons.


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In the USA alone there is around half a million people are dying from the diseases related to smoking. People addicted to the habit of smoking often find it difficult to dissociate the knack of enjoying the dose of nicotine from their lives. Nicotine is a very powerful addictive substance and for that reason the compulsive smokers find it difficult to get rid of the habit, as well as new users get hitched to it fast. The prolonged habit of nicotine consumption has been the main reason behind cancer, lung and vascular diseases.


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Keeping this in view we can say that electronic cigarettes have come as a blessing for such people. The use of electronic cigarette keeps people away from the life threatening effects of hundreds of chemicals and the subsequent smoke from the burning of those in traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes does not involve any combustion and the e-juice inside easily vaporizes which gives the same test and feel to the user without doing any harm to the lungs. This has been widely recommended by many experts in medical sciences as well as in the field of behavioral sciences as a smoking cessation tool. In the absence of long term studies related to the electronic cigarettes one cannot confidently claim about them having no side effects, but the studies conducted on them since the time they are in use suggest that they have been highly successful in keeping people away from real smoking habits.

The ever growing market of the electronic cigarettes speaks a lot about the wide spread acceptance of the electronic cigarette all over the world. Even doctors have started prescribing the use of electronic cigarettes as a quit-smoking medicine. Although the doctors do not right off the risk involved in using the electronic cigarettes but they have found it to be very safe and harmless as compared to the conventional smoking habits.

It’s a simple device with a battery, a heating element and a cartridge containing nicotine and other added flavoring agents in it which delivers the feel of real smoking. Interestingly the e cigarettes bring the feel of real smoking to the users with their designs that make them look like real cigarettes. The tip of the cigarette also lights up when on pulls the puff and a subsequent cloud of smoke like substance comes out of the mouth of the user which is actually some sort of vapor.

However the electronic cigarette has been a revolutionary device which has saved many lives from many a life threatening diseases.